Community Development

Welcome to the Community!

Brillion is a full service community! We have 24 hour a day police, fire, and rescue services. There are over 30 acres of public parks and endless miles of hiking trails. Brillion's Community Development Department is here to help you discover why quality of life is serious business in Brillion.

City AdministratorPeter Wills
201 N. Main Street
Brillion, WI  54110
Phone:  (920) 756-2250

Our mission is to deliver programs, administer regulations, and provide resources to:
  • Present Brillion as a leader in the area in which to live and do business
  • Promote comprehensive and smart growth concepts to ensure land use compatibility and quality built environments
  • Enhance and diversify the tax base through new construction and reinvestments in existing areas
  • Support improvements in the housing stock and advance the quality of our neighborhoods
  • Partner with the community in initiatives that promote Brillion as a vibrant area and improve the lives of Brillion's citizens.
Please visit our program areas for more detailed information on the resources of the Community Development Department.

Calumet County's tourism sector focus on nature based tourism and agri-tourism. For more information visit  Calumet County is a member of the Wisconsin Counties Association, which has regional economic development organizations known as International Trade, Business and Economic Development Councils (ITBECs). The East Central Regional ITBEC focuses primarily on tourism and promotes four counties via their Travel the Lakes promotion.
Business Revitalization Zero-Interest Loan Program
The City of Brillion has developed a Business Revitalization Zero-Interest Loan Program.  This loan program provides incentives to stimulate visible reinvestment in City of Brillion businesses. Property owners are encouraged to consider improvements that incorporate the surrounding community.  These improvements should create a cohesive, inviting environment.

The program provides dollars for actual project costs up to $8,000 per property address, to commercial property owners and/or merchants for exterior building and site improvements.  Priority will be given to façade restoration projects within the downtown commercial district.  Approved projects will be funded on a first-come, first-served basis until all funds are expended.

Downtown Redevelopment
The Redevelopment Authority is Brillion’s leading Downtown redevelopment authority. Eliminating blight and enhancing the downtown environment it their top priority. If you would like more information or are interesting in becoming a member of the RDA, please email Peter Wills

Calumet County Economic Development Plan-City of Brillion Housing Needs Analysis 2020

City of Brillion Housing Needs Analysis starts on Page 10

Download "Final Approved Calumet County Economic Development Plan_202006170816239235.pdf"

Brillion Community Survey 2019 - Results


2016 City Of Brillion Downtown Visioning Session


Brillion Strategic Plan Nov 2006


Brillion strategic plan preliminary summary

Zero Interest Loan Program


Business Revitalization Zero Interest Loan Program Application


Business Revitalization Zero Interest Loan
Program Eligibility Criteria


Zero Interest Loan Program Brochure