Fire Department

Brillion fire.jpgMission

It is the mission of the Brillion Fire Department to save life, environment and property from fire and all life safety hazards to all citizens and visitors of Brillion. We will accomplish this through teamwork, communication, courtesy, respect and professionalism.

Our Vision

We will always strive to be better firefighters, better neighbors and a better fire department...not better than anyone else, but better than we were before.


The Brillion Fire Department is an independent volunteer-based department. It provides contract service to the Town of Maple Grove and areas east of Bastian Road in the Town of Brillion.

The Brillion Fire Department was founded on January 16, 1882 to protect the settlement of Spring Creek from fire (later the settlement was named "Brillion.") The charter members gathered enough money to buy a used hand pump from the fire department at Two Rivers, Wisconsin. They then reorganized into two different departments - the Hook and ladder Company, and the Hand Engine Company.

Many years later, resulting in more technological advances, the two companies reunited to form a stronger department.

 Membership Information

Making a commitment to serve as a firefighter is a serious decision and involves a profound commitment. The Brillion Department, like 80% of the communities across the nation, relies on volunteers to answer the call. You will find that participation as a member of our service will bring great personal rewards and satisfaction.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Brillion Fire Department contact the Brillion Fire Department for more information.Fire Chief2

Fire Chief:  Joe Diener
130 Calumet Street
Brillion, WI  54110

Phone:  (920) 756-2424


Fire Prevention

Review the list below to see how well your home or business meets fire codes.

  • Is your address clearly visible day or night from the street? We can't help you if we can't find you!
  • Is your driveway clear of obstructions, including overhead branches? Emergency vehicles need a width of 16 feet or more with an overhead clearance of 14 feet.
  • Are your exit doors free of obstructions, both inside and outside?
  • If you have lighted emergency exit signs, are the bulbs in good working order?
  • Are fire extinguishers readily available and maintained yearly or after each use by a certified party?
  • Do you have smoke detectors on each floor, and do you test them regularly? One good way to ensure that batteries are fresh is to change them in the spring and fall when time changes occur. Use the old batteries in something less critical if they still work.
  • If you have a fire alarm or sprinkler system, is it tested and maintained yearly?
  • Are fire doors kept closed at all times, or held open with an approved device (not with a door stop or wedge)?
  • If you use extension cords, are they the three-prong grounded style?
  • Do you have multiple extension cords strung together, or more than one power strip plugged into the same outlet? This could overload the outlet, causing a fire!
  • Are all of your electrical cords in good working order, with no breaks or cracks and nothing piled on top of them or pinching them
  • Are all of your electrical panels, junction boxes and outlet boxes covered?

The list above represents some of the most commonly found fire code violations. To ensure complete compliance with State and Federal fire codes, you should have your premises inspected by a certified fire inspector.

Fire Prevention Links:

Wisconsin Department of Commerce - State Fire and Safety Codes

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