Garbage and Recycling

City of Brillion through it's contract with Advanced Disposal Services provides curbside collection of solid waste and recycling for residents and small businesses.

Updates and schedules for solid waste and recyclling pick-up and procedures for successful community composting are available on this page.  Thank you for "helping us help nature."

Solid Waste and Recycling Policy

The costs for pickup and disposal of solid waste and recycling are charged as a separate user charge, and are not included in the tax rate.  This charge will be payable to the City with the first installment of property taxes, which are due January 31st, of each year.

The 2019 garbage/recycling user fees are:
  • 40 gallon garbage cart = $122.00
  • 60 gallon garbage cart = $128.00
  • 90 gallon garbage cart = $136.00
  • All container users shall pay a user fee.  These fees are based on the size of garbage container, the cost for recycing  container is included in each fee.  There is only one size of recycling container available.

Residential Unit:  Residentail Unit shall mean each signle family, two family or three family residential dwelling located within the legal boudary limits of the City.  A single family dwelling shall be counted as one Residential Unit, a two family dwelling shall be counted as two Residential Units and a three family dwelling shall be counted as three Residential Units.  Each Residential Unit shall receive (1) solid waste and (1) recycling container. Each Residential unit may purchase one additional container for each solid waste and recycling with a limit of two each. If the residential unit requires more than two each, then that unit shall contract individually with a private contractor for a dumpster for solid waste and recycling collection. Note: Four or more family residential dwellings shall be required to contract individually with a private contractor for a dumpster for solid waste and recycling collection.

Businesses:  Shall include retail and service businesses, but shall specifically exclude manufacturing and industrial businesses. Each business unit shall receive (1) solid waste container amd (1) recycling containter.  Each business unit may purchase one additional container for each solid waste and recycling with a limit of two each.  If the business unit requires more than two each, then that unit shall contract individually with a private contractor for a dumpster for solid waste and recycling collection.

NOTE:  For residents living in the Brillion Mobile Home Park, please contact your park manager regarding solid waste  and recycling collections and charges.

Collection Services:

Advanced Disposal Services under contract with the City of Brillion shall provide solid waste collection once every Wednesday and recycling collection once every other Wednesday.  All solid waste generated by residential and business units shall be placed in containers provided by Advanced Disposal Services.  All recyclables subject to collection by Advanced Disposal Services shall be collected on a single stream basis (but separate from solid waste) and placed in the roll out container provided by Advanced Disposal Services.  Residential and business units shall place solid waste containers and recycling containers at curbside no later than 6:00 am on the day of collection and shall not overload containers. 

Large Item Pick-up

Items too large to fit into the poly cart, such as furniture, will be collected once a week ONLY IF it has a sticker attached.  Stickers may be purchased from the City Hall during regular business hours for a fee of $25.00 per item.  Items must not contain freon and electronics.

Recycling Schedule

Garbage and Recycling Collection Schedule - Includes recycling guidelines, for computers, tires and waste oil.  Great information for the environmentally conscious community!

The Community Recycling Program is an environmental project designed to "help us help nature."  The single-stream curbside pickups are completed by Advances Disposal Services to recycle tin cans, aluminum, plastic jugs and other bottles, glass bottles, newspapers and cardboard, placed directly in recycling containers provided.  No clear recycling bags are required.

Batteries, Waste Oil, Concrete

Batteries, waste oil, and concrete will not be picked up by Advanced Disposal.  Calumet County residents who change their own oil can recycle used engine oil at various locations in Calumet County.  Including the Walmart Tire and Lube Express in Appleton and Chilton.  For options to dispose of these items, please contact the Wisconsin Dept. of Natural Resources, or 608-266-2111.

E-Cycle Wisconsin

Wisconsin's electronics recycling law was signed by Governor Doyle in October 2009 as Act 50.  The law establishes a statewide program, now called the E-Cycle Wisconsin program, to collect and recycle certain electronic devices.  It is based on a product stewardship approach, which assigns primary responsibility for collection and recycling to the manufacturer.  The law also bans certain electronics from Wisconsin landfills and incinerators after September 1, 2010.

Who does the law affect?  All Wisconsin residents are affected by a prohibition on disposing of designated electronics in a landfill or incinerator after September 1, 2010.  Wisconsin's electronics recycling law covers electronics sold to/used by Wisconsin households and K-12 public schools.  Electronic devices include; consumer computers, printers, video display devices, computer peripherals, fax machines, DVD players, VCR's and other video players, and phones with video displays. 

Electronic recycling collectors in the Brillion area include; Best Buy in Appleton and Green Bay, Lamp Recyclers Inc in Green Bay, Milwaukee PC in Green Bay and Manitowoc County Recycling Center in Manitowoc.  Residents are encouraged to contact the collector before taking electronics to a site. 

For more information on E-Cycle Wisconsin, visit the DNR website at

Hazardous Waste / Electronics

2018 Hazardous Waste and Electronics Disposal Schedule

Additional Resources

For more information on local recycling, garbage, hazardous waste and medication disposal, please visit

Tire Recycling Event - Saturday, April 21, 2018 9a.m. - 11a.m.