On behalf of the Brillion Police Department, we are pleased to have this opportunity to welcome you to our website. This page is one of the many methods we use to effectively communicate with the people we serve. To help make this effort a success, we will strive to make this site as useful and as interactive as we possibly can. So, if you desire additional information or have suggestions, please contact me or any other member of the Brillion Police Department and feel free to express your concerns.

We at the Brillion Police Department, recognize the very real contribution our citizens make toward creating an atmosphere within the community that is conducive to good policing. That atmosphere is based on the expectations of quality police services, the reporting of suspicious persons and situations, and a general feeling of concern for one's neighbor. We need your continued help to enable us to do an even better job of community service and protection.

We are committed to providing you with the very best policing services possible. This website was developed by the dedicated men and women of the Brillion Police Department. It contains a variety of information about the Department and the citizens we serve as well as our professional colleagues. We hope you find it useful and interesting.

If you have information about a crime, contact Calumet County CrimeStoppers at 1-877-765-8327, 206 Court Street Chilton, WI 53014 Fax: (920) 849-1431. Visit the Wisconsin State Crime Stoppers page here.

The Brillion Police Department is an authorized partner of the DMV. We can now provide you the following DMV products and services:

Internet Crime Complaint Center - an FBI and NW3C partnership. A website to receive, develop, and refer criminal complaints regarding the rapidly expanding arena of cyber-crime.

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Visit the Wisconsin Department of Transportation website to view the DMV services available to you online as well as other transportation information.

Information listed here is believed to be current at the time of publication. However, some of the material presented here may have expired since it was posted. Persons should contact a City of Brillion Police representative whenever relying on dated material or information that is subject to change.