Frequently Asked Questions

When is City Hall open?
Monday 7:30 am - 6:00 pm
Tuesday through Thursday 7:30 am - 5:00 pm
Friday  7:30 am - 3:00 pm
Except for holidays.

After hours there is a wood drop off box in the entryway of City Hall for utility payments, pet licensing information, parking tickets, etc. 

Where do I vote and what are the voting hours?
All City of Brillion residents vote at the Community Center during elections. Polls open at 7 am and close at 8 pm.  Click here for more information about voting.

What are the City's winter parking rules?
The City of Brillion winter parking ban is in effect from November 15 through April 1.  There is no parking on City streets without prior permission from the Police Department between the hours of 1:00 am and 6:00 am.

When does snow need to be removed from sidewalks?
All property owners or occupants of a lot abutting a sidewalk are required to remove all snow and ice from sidewalks within 24 hours after a snowfall or sleet storm.  It is against the law to plow or shovel snow into the streets.  (Municipal Code Sec. 82-33. Snow and ice removal)

When is garbage picked up?
Garbage collection is every Wednesday (except if Wednesday is a holiday then garbage is picked up on Thursday.)  The City contracts with Advanced Disposal for all garbage and recycling pickup needs.  You can contact them at (888) 688-4005. For more information click here.

All garbage must be placed in the garbage barrel at the curb.
Presently, there are three (3) size barrels available: 45-gallon, 60-gallon and 90-gallon.  Contact City Hall to order a replacement barrel.

Note: There is a city ordinance against throwing yard waste away with the weekly garbage pickup. All yard waste should be taken to the city compost site and deposited in the specially-marked bins.

What's recyclable and when is it picked up?
The following is a list of what is recyclable and how it should be prepared.

Aluminum, Plastic, Glass, Tin, Steel:
May be co-mingled in transparent blue, white or clear bags.  No black yard bags.  All items are to be clean, rinsed out thoroughly, tops and caps removed.

  • Aluminum – rinse out
  • Tin containers – remove labels & rinse
  • Steel containers – no scrap steel
  • Plastics - #1 - #7 (except those which have contained motor oil, anti-freeze or pesticides/herbicides)
  • Glass containers:  clear, brown, green colors.  Keep all bottles and jars whole
  • Glass items such as cocktail glasses, plate glasses and ceramics are not recyclable.

Note:  Shredded paper can be stored in transparent blue, white or clear bags.

Cardboard and Paper:
Magazines, newspapers and chipboard (cereal and cake boxes) may be co-mingled in:

  • Brown paper grocery bags
  • Corrugated cardboard boxes
  • Cereal, cake and detergent boxes
  • Soda or beer 12 pack/24 pack cartons

Guidelines for corrugated cardboard boxes:

  • Must be flattened and bound
  • Large quantities should be cut into 2’ x 2’ sections, then flattened and bound

Large Items/Heavy Refuse:
Pick up is scheduled for Wednesdays.  Make arrangements with City Hall one week prior to pick-up.

Fee is $25 per item
*Items containing Freon and Electronics cannot be collected.

Waste Oil/Oil Filters/Anti-freeze/Batteries:
These items are no longer picked up curbside.  For options to dispose of these items, contact the Wisconsin Dept of Natural Resources, or 608-266-2111.

Recycle Curbside Collection Dates
Recyclable materials will be picked up bi-weekly on alternate sides of the City. Dates marked with * will be picked up on Thursday instead of Wednesday due to the holiday. For more information click here.

Where can I drop off unused medication?
A Safe Drug Drop Box for leftover medications is located in the City Hall by the Police Department.  It is available to the public during normal City Hall hours.  Household pharmaceuticals accepted at the drop-off box include prescription and over-the-counter human and pet medications such as pills, capsules, ointments, liquids, sprays, drops, creams, inhalers, vials or any other drug no longer needed for its intended purpose. No needles, intravenous solutions, or non-medication waste. Contact the Calumet County Health Department at (920)849-1432 for safe needle disposal.

Where do I apply for a dog or cat license?
At Brillion City Hall. All City of Brillion residents owning a cat or dog that is older than 6 months is required to purchase a license.  License fees:

  • Un-neutered/un-spayed cat or dog:  $8.00
  • Neutered/spayed cat or dog:  $3.00
  • A $5.00 late fee will be charged after the April 1st deadline
  • Private Kennel License is required for more than (2) dogs or (3) cats per single premise

IMMUNIZATION REQUIREMENT. In addition to payment of the required dog license, the owner must present evidence that the dog is currently immunized against rabies before receiving a license for the dog according to WI Statute 95.12(2). For more information click here.

Where is the City Compost Site and what can I drop off?
The Compost Site is conveniently available to all City Residents.  It is located off Highway 10 (W. Ryan Street) just east of Roehrborn’s Meats. 

 Yard waste may be disposed of at the City compost site daily.  Yard waste includes all materials originating in the yard and garden, which are capable of natural decomposition, including leaves, grass clippings, and other vegetation. For more information click here.

  • Stumps, root balls, brush, limbs, etc. may be taken to the Compost Site.
  • Please place items in the appropriate bin.  Please do not leave boxes and bags at the compost site.  These materials will not readily decompose.
  • Homeowners are encouraged to return grass clippings to the soil in their lawn.  It not only takes away the hassle of having to bag the clippings, but it also puts organic nitrogen (a valuable fertilizer) back into the soil.
  • Please do not dispose of garbage, white goods, recyclables, construction materials or tires at the Compost Site.

When is Curbside Chipping available?
Spring through Fall, the City will chip brush, branches and limbs that have been placed on the curbside the first Monday of the month, May – October (weather permitting.) For more information click here.

  • Branches and limbs must be no longer than 6 feet in length and no more than 6 inches in diameter.  Brush must be piled with butt ends one way and must not overlap.
  • Wood chips may be picked up at the City Compost Site.
  • Residents are encouraged to take all branches, etc. to the Compost Site.
  • Please do not mix the compost materials (grass clippings, leaves and miscellaneous vegetation such as flowers, garden plants, etc.) with the brush.
  • Brush piles not meeting above criteria will not be picked up.

When is Curbside Leaf Pickup?
Beginning early October, residents may rake leaves into the curb line of the street.  Please do not place leaves in the curb line at any other time; rather, compost leaves on site or dispose of them without charge at the City Compost Site. For more information click here.

  • When raking leaves into the street, please place them into shallow/small piles along the curb line, one foot away from the curb if possible.  (Leaves in the terrace area will not be picked up.)
  • Please do not mix branches, limbs or brush with the leaves, for they clog the street sweeper.
  • If you wish to get rid of the leaves in a more timely manner, you may take them to the City Compost Site.

Are recreational fires allowed in Brillion?
Short answer is yes. However you must fill out the Application for Open Burning Permit which includes collecting signatures of all adjoining property owners and paying a fee of $15.00 which is good for 5 years.  You may pick up the form at the City Hall.  All recreational fires shall comply with the following requirements: See Municipal Code Section 34-97. Recreation Fires and Section 34-98. Outdoor Cooking Fires.

How can I find the assessed value of property in Brillion?
There are two web sites that can help. Accurate Appraisal is the city's assessing firm. The company lists the information on their web site by clicking here.

The Calumet County web site allows persons to access assessment information not only for Brillion but properties in all of Calumet County by clicking here.

How do I obtain a bartender's license?
The Operator's (Bartender's) license is a 2-year license expiring June 30.  The non-refundable fee is $30.00 and must be paid at the time of application.

The application must be filled out completely and must be notarized.  Notary Public service is available in our office.

 A record check will be completed by the Police Department.  The Police Department will approve or deny the application based on information the applicant has provided on the application.  If the record check reveals information which was not reported on your application, your application may be rejected

State law requires that applicants complete an approved Responsible Beverage Server's course if they have neither held a license nor completed the course within the last 2 years.  Proof must be supplied before a license will be issued. 

 For additional information about licensing or to obtain applications, contact the City Hall at (920)756-2250. To obtain an application on line, click here.

How do I receive a bicycle license?
All residents in the City of Brillion are required to purchase bicycle licenses for their bikes. This one-time license and registration is done to protect the owner in case the bicycle is ever lost or stolen. The license cost is $3.00. Payments are made at the City Police Department.

How do I report a street light that is not working properly?
If a resident sees a street light in their area that is out or flickers, etc., they can either report it to WPS directly through their website at or they can call City Hall at (920)756-2250.

 Please have the following information ready when contacting WPS or City Hall:

  1. Location of the pole: Examples would be "Corner of Manhattan Street and Memorial Drive" or closest home address to pole.
  2. Pole #: A standard pole number has six digits with two numbers, two letters and two numbers (example: 55EE43). The number can be found on the pole. 
  3. What's the Problem: Light is out, light flickers off/on, etc.

How do I run for public office?
The City of Brillion’s governing body consists of a part-time mayor, with seven alderpersons, each elected for a three-year term.  Inquire at the City Hall to learn more. 

Where can I take care of vehicle licensing and registration?
Vehicle licensing and registration may be done at the Brillion Police Department located inside the City Hall at 130 Calumet Street. It will be open during normal business hours. More information can be viewed online at

How do I obtain a golf cart or ATV permit for use in the city limits?
Stop in at the City Hall to complete the application.  The application fee is $25.00 which must be paid with the application. The fee is an application service fee which pays for the inspection of your machine and is Non-Refundable.  Then make an appointment with Brillion Police Department for an inspection of your golf cart or ATV.  Inspections will be conducted at the availability of an officer.  Upon successful completion of your inspection, you will be issued a set of stickers.  The stickers must be attached to your machine before operation on City streets.