Brillion Police Unmanned Aerial Systems "Drone" Program

About the Brillion Police Department Drone Program

  • Established in June of 2017
  • Connected to the Wisconsin Emergency Management System’s “Drone Network” for state wide drone requested missions
  • Pilot(s) certified for drone operation through the Federal Aviation Administration
  • Only agency in Calumet County with a Police Drone Program


The Drone Program is, thus far, completely funded by donations from supporters in the community!

The Brillion Police Department is proud to announce that approximately one year after the start of the Police Drone Program, our secondary goal of purchasing a Thermal Imaging Camera was accomplished! This program would not be as successful as it is without community support. There are still some additional pieces of equipment desired to maximize the program. Please consider donating to help us bring this program to its full potential.

What can Drones/Thermal Imaging do to help Law Enforcement?

Let’s take a look…


Thermal imaging technology offers law enforcement officers the ability to see their surroundings in a brand new way, offering an identifiable and reliable “heat picture” of their environment.

Search and Rescue

Whether the missing person is a roaming child or an elderly Alzheimer’s patient, a thermal imager can help officers search large areas in short order. 

Accident Investigation

With numerous skid marks, oil stains and grease marks, it can be difficult to tell which marks can be attributed to the accident. A thermal imager can point to the warmest marks, yielding another piece to the puzzle of the accident as well as take aerial overview photos.

Officer Safety

With a thermal imager, an officer can stop and scan the property at a distance, identifying anyone who might be waiting outside of the residence, as well as any dogs or animals that may increase the risk involved with walking onto the property.


A very special thank you to Bob and Pat Endries, JT Schmidt Plumbing, The IT Department LLC., Scheels, Betty Wolf, and the Teamsters Local 662 (pictured below) for their donations that allowed us to start the Brillion Police Drone Program.

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We need your help and support

Donations can be mailed or dropped off as cash or check.

Checks should be made to the City of Brillion Police Department, memo: “Drone Program”

Any little bit helps, and we greatly appreciate it!